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Before this MMA phenomenon even appeared, I have been training and teaching all the essential disciplines like Kung-Fu, Sanshou Kickboxing, Jiu jitsu, and Boxing. I wanted to show my students that each of these different disciplines is only a piece of the larger puzzle, and the importance of learning and combining all of these styles rather than using one exclusively.


Our warriors complete in all aspects of disciplines such as Jiu jitsu(BJJ Rules and regulations), Submission Grappling, Sport Jiu jitsu, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing.

2014 Battle On The Mats

July 21, 2014 – Five Grappling open (2)Ontario Championship Official Results

Treye-2 gold gi and no gi and champiosnhps belt

Keeyan gold in gi and champonship belt


June 7, 2014-Our 10 Little Black Dragons proudly represented NBD at the JCC tournament in London. Result with Gi and No-Gi, as follows:

11 Golds, 8 Silvers, and 1 Bronze Medals. Most of the Silver medals resulted when our dragons fighting one another at the finals.

Danny "The Prodigy"   Mason "Spider"    Treye  "Fireball"    Keeyan  "Tornado"

Josh "Brave Heart"    Matteo "Typhoon"   Noah "Silent Flute"   Andrew "Sumo"   Matt "Mack Truck"


May 4, 2014-Ontario Open

Danny "The Prodigy" Roberts - Silver gi

Danny got silver at after they moved him up a weight division (gi only he didn't do nogi)

April 12, 2014-Niagara BJJ Open

Treye "Fireball"- Gold and was registered in a higher weight class

Keeyan "Tornado"- Gold and showed versatility and patience. Great job !

Danny "The Prodigy" Roberts - Gold 



March 29, 2014-Grappler Industries BJJ Tournament in Toronto

Treye"Fireball" Trotman wins 2 Gold-Gi and No-gi at Advanced Level

Keeyan  "Tornado" Trottman-wins Gold Medal No-gi and Bronze-Gi at Advanced Level.



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