At Northern Black Dragon, we specialize in providing an optimal training environment for students. True martial artists are cultivated through the harmonization of body, mind and spirit. Every training session at the NBDMA Academy is explicitly designed to provide students with tools for growth and development in their chosen art. This growth is tangibly achieved through bringing the BODY to peak levels of conditioning, thereby strengthening the MIND and nurturing the SPIRIT. Our teaching methodology is built on this premise, producing undeniable results and positive changes in our wellbeing. Our students range from recreational practitioners to fierce, active competitors from every walk of life. The one commonality among our students is their RESPECT for their training and for each other.


Each student is encouraged to set and achieve realistic goals:

GET INTO THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE. We utilize the most innovative methods from a martial arts training regime to promote a HIGH LEVEL of cardiovascular and anaerobic fitness. Rather than just “hitting the weights”, students will develop core functional strength through plyometrics (explosive exercises) and also through interactive training with a resisting opponent.


HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND. Those last few exercise repetitions are the most telling: if you can work through these, you can win a championship match or defend yourself against a bigger, stronger opponent. No different than conditioning our body to do more repetitions, we can also condition our mind to be more resilient in any given situation. There is a CONNECTION between physical health and mental wellbeing, which is at the CORE of our training philosophy and it is our goal to develop and strengthen this connection in our students.

Our training is founded on the RESPECT we have for each other. The training environment is optimal when you can genuinely TRUST your teammates. The training atmosphere works at peak performance levels when people are able to challenge their own limits while maintaining the safety of their peers. The environment is FRIENDLY and RELAXED enough for students to go at their own, comfortable pace, but also CHALLENGING enough to bring out the best in every student.


The benefits of studying and practicing Martial Arts are numerous. Aside from being put through a rigorous workout, it will also instil a sense of pride and accomplishment, an inherent sense of confidence and power.

Our students are on a journey together. They help each other; they find a family here of like minds that are interested not in hurting each other, but in participating in a healthy, clean, positive sport that allows them to flourish as individuals.


Physically, our students find themselves losing weight, increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance almost without realizing it. Participating in this sport is not like going to a gym and isolating yourself with headphones and doing cardio or lifting weights… it is social, fun, supportive and gives all the health benefits of a rigorous gym routine.


Mentally, our students find themselves more often than not with a new sense of purpose, and determination. Whether we’re working with kids or adults in high stress jobs, participating in our Martial Arts' program is a huge stress reliever. We’ve so many parents than we can count thank us for providing their children with structure, focus, discipline, respect and confidence.


In training, nothing is ever repeated. Each lesson is different from all other lessons, each moment is fleeting. The same technique performed 1,000 times is different each time ... all similarity is but memory.