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At Northern Black Dragon School, we are not only interested in Martial Arts skills but also in the development of each person as a whole. As a famous teacher once said, “These are the tools of everyday life. What you learn here, you can apply elsewhere…”


We offer a complete and highest-quality Martial Arts program for  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Colours of belts are the least of our concern. We want our students to learn and see the results of hard work. Our school is all about learning the true essence of Martial Arts, and you deserve the best quality of training here.

Our main purpose is to provide the best program for our members to learn the true value of martial arts, and learn how to put great effort to be the best of themselves. We don't give out belt promotion; they must earn them with their merits.



Full gear is mandatory while engaging in sparring: Head Gear, Leather Gloves, Mouth Guard and Shin Guard.





(1) Students must show mutual respect to one another despite the ranking of their belts/sashes.


(2) Be on time for class.


(3) Martial arts' uniforms must be clean and neat.


(4) Refrain from horseplay, talking, and interrupting while your instructor is teaching.


(5) No student will provoke violence against anyone both inside and outside the Kwoon.


(6) No sparring is allowed without the permission and presence of the instructor.


(7) No chewing gum or candy during class



Unit A2-1075 Sarnia Road

​London, Ontario



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