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Sanshou/Kickboxig/Muay Thai/Boxing



We are that and that we are. Warriors we are and from the battles we emerge triumphant!



The purpose of this site is to promote our Kickboxing/Boxing as for fitness, self-defence and as well as the devastating and combative fighting arts of Kickboxing.


The intention is not only to inform you but also entail you what is the art of Kickboxing/Boxing.  The average person is under the impression that Kickboxing a simple game of two people trying to hurt each other.  The fact is that after the basic conditioning is accomplished the match is much more mentally.  It is one single person against another single person.  A huge amount of the match is spent focusing on strategies with game plans that change constantly because of the varied actions and reactions of each opponent involved.




Why Kickboxing/Boxing ?

Kickboxing is a superior workout along with developing an invaluable skill. A kickboxing workout is the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscle training. You'll burn more calories, build more stamina, develop and tone more muscle in a kickboxing workout.


Kickboxing helps you recognize nervousness before it turns into fear. It doesn't mean that kickboxing will take away nervousness completely, but will teach you to live and function well within it.


Kickboxing is a kind of conversation, primarily with yourself, and when you spar, a dialogue with your partner or opponent.

Those who stay with kickboxing learn about focus, heart, and dedication.


Kickboxing gives you inner strength.


​Kickboxing is not about hurting others or getting hurt. It is more about learning to let go of one's own insecurities and inadequate self image.


Beginners welcome! No prior martial arts experience is necessary. We will teach and train you to reach the highest level within your abilities. We literally take you from a brand new beginner and give you everything you need to hone your body into a lean, mean, Kickboxing fighting machine.


In order to experience true peace you must first overcome true hardship.

In order to have true courage you must first obtain conviction in your courage.  


Discipline isn't everything, conditioning isn't everything. Combating in the ring is what you do. But if you don't acquire the first two, you cannot battle

Any Fool Can Fight, But Very Few Can Box/Kickboxing

When it comes to striking, boxing/kickboxing is one of the best disciplines in the world.

if you don’t know these techniques, your fighting ability is a serious threat and in a gaping hole in your ability to defend yourself. If you are serious about your combative ability, YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS DISCIPLINE.




Training hard at the school, in the ring and during your road work. I like to use a Michael Phelps approach “Put lots in the bank during training, because the day will come when you need to make a withdrawal.” Training hard, harder than the imaginary opponent, is non-negotiable. Being defeated by a better fighter is part of the game and will make you a better fighter. Getting whooped because the opponent is simply better condition is unforgivable.




Unit A2-1075 Sarnia Road

​London, Ontario



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