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Battle In The Ring

Congratulations! Once again Richard Chau has been awarded for this year Quest For Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program.  This program funding through the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion is designed to assist future Olympians to achieve their goals. 


May 12, 2007

Richard Chau defeated his opponent from The Whip(Kitchener) whom he is also an Albania Nationals Champion.

Chris Chau K.O. his opponent in the middle of Second Round.

 Winston Dann also won his fight against a very good fighter from Toronto. Congrats!


Kevin Toong who won the Open Sanshou Kickboxing Championship in Hong Kong.


After  decisively winning against the 2006 Canadian Champion on  the first night and Stopped his last opponent in the Second Round on November 10 and 11, 2006.  Richard Chau has successfully en route to capturing the Second Provincial Title. In January, he will be representing Ontario to fight for the National Championships in Montreal.


March 15, 2007-Kitchener

 Chris Chau-wins

 Richard Chau-wins by K.O.


On January 12, 2006. Richard Chau defeated the Alberta Champion at the Canadian National

Chris Chau won a hard-fought battle at the 2006 All Ontario Championship 

Phil Collins Stopped his opponent in the third round at the Ontario Summerhays tournament

Mark Maslen K.O. his opponent in the Third Round - Gold Medalist

Richard Chau KO his opponent in the Canadian Final.


August 11, 2016 in Sarnia,

Akim Abdihalim-Wins

Richard Chau-Wins


July 22, 2006-Windsor Border City

Renie Placid  K.O. his opponent in the first round.


On July 8 , Akim "The Dream" from Northern Black Dragon(London Boxing Club)won a decisive battles against the Ontario Silver medalist from Champion Boxing Club which was held in London, Ontario. 


May 6, 2006

Richard Chau K.O. Arnold Smith, the Pontiac, Michigan State champion in the third round.

It only took Phil Collins less than a minute to K.O. his opponent Peter Deloris from Ohio boxing club.


On April 22, 2006.

 Susz Murray defeated Lola Ranelli from Top Glove In Toronto.


March 18, 2006 Muay Thai in Kitchener

 Richard-win by stoppage


February, 2006 Canada VS Irish


 Chris "the cobra"-wins by K.O.


Canadian Final Team Selection in Quebec (January 26, 2006)

It was a war between Richard V.S. the 2005 Canadian Gold medalist and National Team Member. Richard lost a decision 16-17 by only 1 point. At one time in the final round, Richard was ahead with 3 points, it was indeed heart breaking, just heart breaking! Anyway, we will regroup and train even harder and will never accept defeat. Success is achieved by those who try and keep trying.


Nationals Championships Tournament (Dec.26-29, 2006)

On the first match, Richard defeated Usmanee from Alberta, but dropping a decision in the final match against Pier Cote. Anyway, Richard is selected to have re-matched on January 26-29 in Quebec for the National Final Team selection. The winner will be representing Canada for the upcoming Commonwealth games in Melbourne, Austrlia.  Richard fought hard and in such a short period of time elevated  himself  as one of the elite national boxers . Congratulations! The Canadian Gold Medalist.


On December 18, 2005. Richard Represented Canada and handily defeated the National Champion from Scotland. Up until Richard's bout, four Canadian fighters all suffered losses to Scottish fighters and Richard‘s victory sent the Canadian supporters in cheers and wild.


After  fighting for 3 days from November 25 to 27, 2005, Richard Chau captured the 2005-2006 Ontario Championships. In January, he will be representing Ontario to fight for the National Championships and  all the fights will be on TSN.

Chris Chau came closed and he won the Silver Metal.

Akim Abdihalim also lost by 2 points and he also won the Silver.


Great showing from four of our students whom they battled very hard at the Summerhays provincial tournament in Brantford, Ont. from September 30-October 1, 2005. 

Result as follow:

Suzi Murray: Gold Metal by TKO all her opponents.

Akim Abdihalim: Gold Medal

Phil Collins: Silver Medal. TKO his opponent and lost in the final.

Mark Maslen: Gold Medal by KO his opponent.


 September 11, 2005 -Waterloo, Ontario

Suzi Murray and Akim Abdihalim won a decisive battles against their respective opponents in . 

Richard Chau-Wins by K.O.

Chris Chau-Wins by K.O.


August 27, 2005

four of our fighters attended an invitational fights which was  in Mississauga. Result as follows: 

Philip Collins-win by K.O.

Mark Maslen-win by K.O. in the first round

Richard Chau-wins bt stoppage.

Chris Chau-win by K.O. in the first round.


August 6, 2005

both Suzi Murray and Akim Abdihalim won a decisive battles against their respective opponents in Windsor, Ontario. Congrats!


July 30, 2005- Battle in Michigan Kickboxing

Richard Chau-win by retirement

Chris Chau-wins by stoppage


On July 23, Toronto



Mark(the killer) Maslen-wins by K.O.

Richard Chau-wins

Chris Chau-wins by stoppage


July 16, 2005 in Windsor

Richard Chau-wins by K.O. 

Chris Chau-wins


On June 25, from K.O. King Boxing Club.

Chris "Cobra" Chau-win by K.O.

Richard-win by retiring his opponent in the second round


On June 17, 2005, Richard Chau was selected by Boxing Ontario to battle against Ghislian Maduma, 2005 Quebec Champion. This match is promoted by George Chuvalo and Donovan Bailey in supporting Fight Against Drugs. After a four rounds of intense see-saw battle, Richard triumphed as victor. Congratulations!


On April 30 , Windsor, Ontario

Chris Chau demolished his opponent at an invitational championship match from Sudbury Fight Club; and his Brother

Richard Chau, defeated the Canadian National Team Champion  from Windsor Boxing Club.


On May 7, 2005. Four fighters from Northern Black Dragon accepted an invitational Fight in Windsor. Result as follows:

Richard Chau-wins by stoppage

Chris Chau-wins by K.O.


Akim Abdihalim won an unanimous decision over his opponent from Branford.


Mark Maslem, only took him 19 seconds to KO. his opponent from River City Boxing Club in the First Round


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