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2013 Battle On The Mats

Ontario Sport Jiu jitsu(MMA Striking and Grappling)  Championship in Kitchner/Waterloo on November 13, 2013. Result as follows:

Danny "The Prodigy" Roberts-Gold Medal

Treye  "Fireball" Trotman-Gold Medal

Keeyan  "Tornado" Trottman-Gold Medal

Gabriel  "Killer Bee)-Silver Medal

Josh "Brave Heart" Portillo-Bronze Medal


JCC GTA Invitational BJJ Championships at the Terry Miller Rec Centre Bramton on Septrmber 30, 2013 

Gabriel "The Killer Bee" Van Schaik-Gold Gi and Bronze No-Gi

Michael Van Schaik-Gold and Silver 

Mason "Spider" Ormsby he fought up a level in Gi both in skill and weight and won a gold and silver in Gi and two golds in No-Gi.


Grappler Industries BJJ Tournament in Toronto on September 7, 2013

Treye"Fireball" Trotman- 2 Gold-gi and no-gi 


Naga Grapplers North American Championship in New York on August 24, 2013

Treye"Fireball" Trotman fought in expert division-Win 1Gold and 1 Silver and a Samurai Sword.
Danny"The Prodigy" Roberts Wins 2 Gold and a Samurai Sword. in his last five jiu jitus tournaments, He had captured 11 Gold Medals
Keeyan "Tornado" Trotman with 2 gold-gi and no-gi, and a Samurai Sword. 


Gi and No gi grappling Provincial Championship on June 29, 2013
Danny "The Prodigy" Roberts has done it again with 2 golds-gi and no-gi. 
Mason "Spider" Ormsby with 2 Silver gi and no-gi

Grapplers Quest National Championships on May 25, 2013.

Treye "Fireball" -Gold Gi and No Gi
Mason "Spider"-Gold Gi and No-Gi


Result from Naga Grapplers North American Championship at Mcgill university in Montreal On March 9, 2013.
Treye "Fireball" Trotman-2 Golds;

Keeyan "Torando" 1 Gold. 1 Silvers

Danny "Prodigy" Roberts 3 Golds;

Conner "Little Bear" Crozier, 2 Silvers


JCC At the Western fair in London on Feb 23, 2013 

Mason "Spider" Ormsby with 2 golds gi and no-gi

Treye "Fireball" Trotman with 3 golds and 1 silver at 8 and 10-12 years old divisions

Danny"The Prodigy" with 2 golds-gi and no-gi

Conner"Little Bear" with 2 golds-gi and no-gi

Keeyan "Tornado" Trotman with 1 gold and silver-gi and no-gi

Izaac "Machine" Wilkinson with 1 gold and silver-gi and no-gi

Emily "Blonde Bomber" Goldsmith with 1 silver and bronze-gi and no gi

Mike "Monkey" Kelly with 2 4ths-first time in tournament

James "Slim Jim" Patience with 1 bronze-no-gi

Alex "Sasquatch" Sherry 1 bronze- first time in tournament

, Mike "Monkey" Kelly with 2 4ths and Alex "Sasquatch" Sherry


Grappling Industrie in Toronto on Feb 16, 2013

Conner "Little Bear" Crozier -1Gold Gi and Silver No-Gi

Danny "The Prodigy" Roberts-2 Gold Gi and No-gi

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