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ICACS, Platinum MMA on October 19, 2009.

2 members represented NBD

Ee-Shan Lim-Gold -all wins by submissions

Karl Goffin-Gold.


Joslin's Canadian Open Grappling Tournamen  

Mike Weinberger captured the Gold Medal and the Champion Belt by defeating all three of his opponents at the t. 


IMMAA Tournament in Windsor on July 15, 2009

Emily "Blond Bomber" Goldsmith:

Continue Point Sparring - 1st
Grappling - 1st
Form(Kata) - 1st

Keeyan "Tornado" Trotman:
Form(Kata) - 1st
Continue Point Sparring - 1st
Grappling - 2nd

Kaleb "Predator" Kroestch:
Point Sparring - 1st
Grappling no-gi - 1st
Grappling gi - 1st

Karl "The Finisher" Goffin:
Point Sparring - 2nd
Grappling no-gi - 2nd (Loss to his teammate in the final)

Ee-Shan "The Asianator" Lim:
Grappling gi - 2nd
Grappling no-gi - 3rd


Results from Milwaukee at the NAGA Jiu jitsu tournament on May 27, 2009, as follows:
Kaleb "The Preditor" Kroetsch:
Under 130lb no-gi: First and award samurai sword - submitting all his opponents in less than 20 seconds
Under 130lb gi - Second

Mike "Sliver" Weinberger

2009 North American Jiu jitsu Champion

NAGA, Milwaukee, USA

Steve "Mac Attack" McKinnon:
Under 170lb intermediate gi - First and award samurai sword

Mike "Sliver" Weinberger:
Under 130lb intermediate teen no-gi 2nd
Under 130lb intermediate teen gi - 2nd

Ascension BJJ Tournament on February 7, 2009

Sammy "The Woodpecker" Weinberger - Gold
Kaleb "The Predator" Kroetch- Gold
Karl "The Finisher" Goffin -Silver
Steve "Mac Attack" Mckinnon- Bronze


Results from Jujitsu BJJ tournament held on December 7, 2008:
2nd Emily "Inferno" Goldsmith - NBD
3rd Gordie "Hulk Smash" O'Dwyer - NBD

10-12 year old Advanced:
2nd Jordon "Louro" Pinard - NBD
3rd Adam "The Worm" Blazejiowski - NBD

8-10 year old beginner:
1st Coulton "Hugo Two" Richie - NBD
2nd Sam "Wolverine" Nahfoud - NBD
3rd Essam "Little Evil" Hamou - NBD

10-13 year old Girls:
1st Joselyn "Cyborg" Sieling-NBD
2nd Hannah "Lioness" Jhin-NBD
3rd Kyla "Queen of Hearts" Smith- NBD

12-15 year old Beginner:
1st Kalib "The Predator" Kroetsch -NBD
2nd Mohamed "Mighty Moe" Hamou - NBD
3rd Taylor "Barn Cat" Lamb - NBD
3rd Mohamed "Quiet Warrior" Abjulaziz - NBD

13-16 year old Advanced:
1st Ee-Shan "Kung-Fu Panda" Lim - NBD
2nd Karl "The Finisher" Goffin - NBD
3rd Spencer "Razor" Dyson - Twin Mountain

15-17 year old
1st Mike "Sliver" Weinberger -NBD
2nd Elijah "Crush" Jhin - NBD(Won all his matches)
3rd Luke "Quicksand" -NBD


All the competitors had fought 4-5 bouts in their divisions.

Here are the JJ warriors who won all their battles:

1st Coulton "Hugo Two" Richie – NBD

1st Joselyn "Cyborg" Sieling-NBD

1st Kalib "The Predator" Kroetsch -NBD

1st Ee-Shan "Kung-Fu Panda" Lim – NBD

2nd Elijah "Crush" Jhin - NBD


Results from 2008 CJA Canadian National Tournament on May 24, 2008

Sparring Sport Jiujitsu
Stephen "The Silent Flute" McKinnon – Gold

Mike "Sliver" Weinberger – Go;d

Nick "Giant Killer” Kroetsch - Siliver

Matt “The Brave heart” Nemeth - Silver


Grappling(BJJ Rules):

Steve - Silver
Mike - Silver
Nick - Bronze

Results from the "West End Rumble" Jiujutsu/Grappling Submission tournament in Toronto April 5th:

Steve "The Silent Flute" McKinnon – Jiujitsu with Gi - Gold
No-gi - Bronze Totals 4 wins (3 by submission) & 1 loss
Mike "Sliver" Weinberger:  With Gi - Bronze
No-gi - Silver Totals 4 wins & 3 losses and only injured one kid. A very competitive division with no one dominating. Mike avenged his two losses in gi by beating both in no-gi. He also finished second in the Unlimited Adult division.


February 9 at ASCENSION JIU-JITSU OPEN results:
Steve "The Silent Flute" McKinnon -Silver Medalist
Mike "Sliver" Weinberger- Bronze

first wrestling tournament:

Matt Ward - Gold
Stephen Mckennon - Bronze
Nick Kroetsch - Silver

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