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Cross Path

In front of your cross path,

May you always walk in wonder

May you always walk in joy and delight

May you always remember that every step you take is a sacred step

 Cross Path Form has two series. Series I is the Beginner Form in our Martial Arts’ system. This form is the foundations in developing the most basic and practical self-defence movements such as blocks, punches, elbows, knees, front-kicks, side-kicks, and combination of hands and feet, elbows and Knees. They are all executed with the whole body coordination. Cross Path Series II involves more skills and coupled with explosive power and breathing techniques training.


The meaning of Cross Path. Its deepest meaning is, many times, we all stand in front of the cross roads throughout our life time, and we have to make decisions to choose which road to travel. For example, we want to choose a happy life to travel, but how?The answer is very simple only if we determine to choose it. Happiness is a result of choice — choosing how to effectively use the thoughts that flow in and out of your mind. The thoughts you allow into your mind influences the perception of the world you see around you. If you perceive a sullen, hostile and unhappy world, your mind is full of sullen, hostile and unhappy thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your world!


Change our attitudes and beliefs and we change our reality. If our world around us is not conducive to inner feelings of happiness and contentment, then the solution is obvious. Make the choice for change. A conscious shift in your attitudes and beliefs will take us into higher levels of awareness where we can see what is, rather than what is not.


We see the world around us through the matrix of our fears and desires, splitting them into pairs of opposites, such as right and wrong, pleasure and pain. It is only when we can pass beyond the veil that we can truly see the universe in its reality. If we look intently, we can find many flaws and contradictions, which make gaping holes in our false perceptions. We really work against ourselves all the time. If we're looking for happiness, love and peace while working in the opposite direction by spreading conflict, pain and hatred. How could we find happiness and peace? We just have to be aware of these contradictions, and they disappear!


We often go through life asking ourselves why I don’t get any breaks, why does everything rotten happen to me. Why me? Instead if we looked at every experience in life— pleasant or unpleasant— as an opportunity to grow and learn, maybe we'd start looking at life differently and maybe one day we will realize that there was some good in it for all concerned. Misfortune could then be seen as a blessing in disguise.


What is the purpose of life and how do we understand and learn to really live?

How do you know we're on the right track? So where do we go? Who do we turn to? There is only one place we can go to where we know we won't be betrayed or misguided. It’s closer to us than our very breath— our own true self within. So may be we could, for a change, Choose and look where we have never looked before— within!


Have faith in your instincts and have an open mind. Accept what you feel is right and reject the rest. Just be yourself, that's all. Just flow with the river of existence without clinging to either shore of pleasure or pain. Accept what comes naturally and let go what goes, trusting existence. So let go and enjoy the ride. Hence is my choice in front of the Cross Path.


Until then, meet you here again...

Straight from my heart

Master Chau

Master means servant, teacher. In our school, I train, I learn, I teach, I clean, I mop floor and some more…I love my work and I am my work. I love martial arts and I am martial arts…

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