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A leaf from my martial arts journal-1

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If I can turn back time
I will do it all again
Gazing up the borderless skies
I ask the dream heaven
for another 60 more years
Kung-fu, Kung-fu, Kung-fu and more Kung-fu

Despite the authority of the martial arts, the ethical beauty of our Kung-fu form(kata) is so beautiful and elegant, it is like music and dance, transgresses language barriers. One may appreciate the visual impact of the work of art in its entirety, or feel the continuous flow of "Chi" of the movements in a balanced contrast of rhythmic engagements.

It was the year of Rooster, in the beginning of late spring. We, all the passionate Kung-fu practitioners, old and young, were gathering at Orchid Terrace on the northern slope of the Green Forest Hill. Amidst the gorgeous mountains and hills, impenetrable woods and slender bamboos, the sparkling winding stream was flowing by. Seated in the midst of this scenery, we conversed the historical events of martial arts to the mystical universe. We even regaled every single toast and poem that put us in the mood of a free and subtle dialogue.

“It was a fine day with lovely breezes. Behold the magnificent universe with abundance of myriad beings. Stretch your sights and relax your minds. It is the supreme bliss the eyes and ears can achieve. How enjoyable!”

“While experiencing the ups and downs in our lives, we may be awaken by thoughts while meditating in a small chamber. Or, we may let go of ourselves in the open Nature. With abundant of choices, it is for one who prefers tranquility or activity. I am contented with whatever happiness is brought forth.”

Things do change, only our feelings linger. What we used to be fond of will become the past instantaneously. We can't help but to applaud ourselves by recollection. Life, long or short, always comes to an end. An old saying has it that: “Life and death are the ultimate things.” What a pain! Every time I read about the writings of people from the past, I always sense their feeling reflects my own. I can only lament but not know how to verbalize. Life and death may be merely an illusion. Yet it is ridiculous to equalize longevity with short-lived. The future generations will look upon us just like we do our past. So, I document the lives of the contemporaries and their works. Time has changed, yet the desire to express the feeling is the same. Those in the future shall get what I mean when they read this article.

Year Of The Tiger

2:30 AM

Ancient Chau

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