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Northern Black Dragon Martial Arts

Serving London Since 1972

 Respect .  Integrity .  Humility .  Self-Discipline .  Self-Confidence .  Self-Control

Northern Black Dragon Martial Arts in London offers a full complement and highest-quality of Martial Arts disciplines for children, youths, adults, and instructors in learning Kung-fu/Karate, Brazilian Jiu jitsu,  Kickboxing/Muay Thai/Boxing. 

Furthermore, if anyone seriously studies martial arts, it is inevitable that such a study will include the development of a philosophical background. It is also inevitable that, as a person grows further into the art, the interrelationship between the physical and mental aspects of the art will also be developed and strengthened. The result can be a philosophy of life in which the martial arts training serves as a base. the resultant philosophy can have a profound influence on one’s daily life.

Regardless of your age or experience level, we diligently work hard to instill proper foundations that serve as the building blocks for your success. We draw from the most EXPERIENCE and the most INNOVATIVE training methods in physical fitness and martial arts to bring a holistic, true balance of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Come to join us in this astonishing Martial Arts JOURNEY…. 

In order to be a true martial artist, constant learning is only the first step. There are other factors as well: Conviction, Determination, Action, and Great Effort. In developing conviction, one must need to learn, change, and increase one’s commitment. This conviction to change then develops into determination. Next, one transforms determination into action. The strong determination to change enables one to make a sustained effort to execute the actual changes. This is the final factor of great effort.


As the Chief Instructor of Northern Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy, I will provide and uphold the highest standard and value in martial arts. I have made the strongest commitment, with my most experience adult instructors whom they all have many years training and teaching, in conducting and instructing all classes. 

Master Paul Chau


Unit A2-1075 Sarnia Road

​London, Ontario




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